Hi, I'm Ian Collington.

I’m a freelance/contract full stack software developer based in Northamptonshire, England.


Experienced freelance full-stack developer with over twenty years of experience in the Java technology stack. Experienced working in an agile environment working on legacy systems as well as greenfield. Proficient with mentoring and supporting team members and driving code quality through best practice. Advocates the development of clean, well-tested maintainable code. Experienced working in a DevOps environment and performing DevOps duties such as CI/CD or creating Infrastructure-as-Code. Proficient in quickly learning new technologies as required.


  • Certifications: AWS Certified Solutions Architect AssociateAWS Certified Developer Associate
  • Languages: Java • HTML • CSS • JavaScript • SQL • Shell scripting
  • Architectures: REST • Microservices • Event driven architecture
  • Technologies: AWS • Docker • Kubernetes
  • Frameworks: Spring • Spring Boot • Camel • Hibernate • JUnit • Mockito
  • Methodologies: Scrum • Kanban • TDD • DevOps • CI/CD
  • Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC): AWS CloudFormation • Terraform
  • Tools: Maven • Git • GitHub • Jira • Jenkins (JCASC) • Helm


Please see my GitHub account. Two projects are in their own GitHub organisations. More details can be found on the projects page.

Hire me

I can be hired, outside IR35 only, via my limited company, Yobibyte Solutions.

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Getting an unexplained accessdenied when using AWS CLI S3 copy function

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